Who are we and what do we do

We are Genco Digitek, a company who's only purpose is to help small businesses reach a wider clientel. While keeping cost down by being a results driven system. After the first month of just $49, you only pay for the results you see. 

Here is how our system works, the first month, (although your system is up and running within a few days), covers the cost of onboarding, advertising, social media development and our overhead. Your first month cost are returned if you are not completly satisfied. Moving forward, you pay us a pre agreed upon commission for every sale that comes through our system with a maximum of $200. per month. No matter how many people visit your business.

We send a push notification message once a day to remind users to check out what's going on here in the 865 area on the app.

We collect data from users to be used inhouse only, we do not sell, rent, give away or use data outside the perimmiters of analytics for use by Genco Digitek and it's clients. Our system is a closed loop system, no one outside of our system can breach or collect data without permission, and we will never give permission to use data outside of the system.


Video marketing is the fastest growing segment in America today, and it's only going to get bigger. We tap into that market to showcase your product or business. We provide everything needed to produce, edit and market your videos on our channels. We will be producing 20  shows a month to earn interest in our channels, most of which are taped here in the Knoxville area. The whole world will be watching. And all businesses involved will get a share of the revenue. The 865 Social Hub is an evolving system, we have in the works more features to capture a wider audience. And we would love for you to be a part of it. Our Social Hub, at this point, will be showcasing thousands of small local businesses to help grow thier clientel. We use our app, you tube, twitch, facebook, instagram, pinterest and tic tok to generate these audiences. 

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Some of the catigories we are focusing on for video content are:

Cooking shows


Auto Care and Maintanance


Home Care and Maintanace

Auto Restoration

Original Music


How to's

Arts and entertainment

And alot more.

we take sugestions